Posted: April 25, 2013 in books



Squirrels, cute aren’t they but also quite spiteful. Where my children go to school there are loads of squirrels running about, some are even quite brave and will actually get in your way rather than avoiding you. I remember once that on the way back from the school before I was driving I was walking through the alley way towards the shops. Two teenage girls were kind of running in circles and screeching, when I got closer I noticed that there was a baby squirrel jumping at them and obviously lost since it kept running up and down these girls legs and refusing to leave their side.

When I returned later that afternoon I was walking with a friend, I rounded the corner with my daughter in the pushchair and suddenly I hear a yelp from behind. The squirrel had returned and was climbing all over her, she managed to shake it off and rushed on ahead of me. Unluckily for the people walking behind us the squirrel used them as a new target, by the time my children came out of school someone had captured it and put it in a shoe box. It was apparently bleeding and we had a vet not far from there so the person was taking it to the vet, so as cute as squirrels are would I get close to one? Hell no! My friend was left with scratches all over her legs and back I think I will stick to admiring them from afar 🙂

  1. Stacy Margaret Allan says:

    When I was at Centre Parcs when I was 15 a squirrel ran up our glass door and slid back down which was hilarious. We don’t have squirrels nearby but when we take the kids to Dunfermline glen they come close if you have food to give them. They are used to people coming to visit them everyday so they’re not crazy squirrels. I’ve never seen squirrels attacking people, that would be really scary! x x

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