What do you do if you are driving and a wasp flies into the car?

Posted: May 1, 2013 in books

Now that the sun seems to be making more frequent appearances I am beginning to panic a little. What is the normal procedure if a wasp flies into the car while you are driving? I’m pretty sure I will freak out! Besides not wanting to be repeatedly stung, I am actually allergic to wasps. I have been stung twice in my life and both times I have come out in a boil- like rash all over.

Has anyone had to deal with a wasp flying in? Do I keep the windows shut and turn on the air con instead? I don’t think I could just ignore one if it was buzzing around me and leaping from a moving car isn’t exactly ideal! Neither is pulling over on a motorway which is where I will be on saturday and the reason why I am asking 🙂

Please assist!!


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