Too impersonal?

This is my own opinion and I hope I don’t offend anyone but I find labeling my readers as fans a bit too impersonal. Maybe it’s just me but when someone has read my book (which was only a few before I took it down for republishing) and they approach me I really don’t class them as a fan neither do I tell them I am always available to speak to my fans. I prefer to speak to them as though we are friends, I am after all a normal person. I still have to do the everyday mundane tasks such as housework etc. I’m not a movie star, I don’t live in a mansion or have a limo waiting on demand I simply wrote a book.

I once approached an author and told them I really loved their books and when they responded that they were always willing to talk to their fans I guess I really didn’t like that response. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t expecting to become besties and be invited over for dinner it just felt a little demeaning to me. Maybe it’s just me and I am an over friendly person wanting to befriend the world 🙂 I prefer the more relaxed approach, I am a reader as well as a writer 🙂

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