Character inspiration

Most questions asked to an author usually involve ‘how did you come up with your idea? or what inspired your idea for your book?’ My usual response is that the idea for my story line just popped into my head, which is in fact what happened. Originally there was no paranormal aspect involved, just plain old thriller but I really wanted to spice things up a little. Not wanting to use vampires or werewolves (although I did use a few werewolves but they are not the main theme) since they seemed to be the most popular paranormal characters I started thinking what other kind I could use.

Notebook in hand, chewing on my pen my eyes landed on my husbands tattoo. One which I actually told him to get, well it was between a dragon or a panther. The latter being the one he settled on, lucky for me because I think I may have struggled a little trying to fit dragons into my story line. Although that definitely would have been interesting 🙂 Hmm, maybe I will use them in a future project.

So there is my inspiration for my characters, the story line however still remains one that popped into my head out of the blue.

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  1. Jane Risdon says:

    Fascinating stuff Linda. I am still amazed where any of it comes from. The brain and imagination are such wonderful but illusive things. So glad you have put pen to paper and are now published too….:)

    1. Thanks Jane, it will be your turn soon and I will be sharing, tweeting, google+ and posting on here and anywhere else I can think of until everyone knows 🙂

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