Second hand cars

We are looking to buy a bigger car because lets face it with nine of us my little five seater just doesn’t cut it 🙂 Browsing through endless ads on various websites I found some of them quite amusing. One I came across stated that the engine wasn’t that good, every panel had a dent in it and needed a new gear box as well as new brakes. The chassis was rotten and also needed a new steering rack, other than that it is a sound car. They were selling it for ÂŁ1000, seriously is there really anything sound about it? those are all the main parts lol. The only thing that car is good for is scrapping and how they have the cheek to charge that amount I really don’t know.

The other amusing thing we came across is that we found a car we liked, the ad stated it was in perfect condition. The pictures showed it to be clean inside and out and I couldn’t see any apparent dents in any of the body work so we went to view it. Once we arrived the car didn’t look as clean, the front lights were smashed and upon turning the ignition not all the lights came on. The steering wheel screeched and grinded when turned and that was before setting off! If they are going to invite people to come and view it they should at least make sure the car is actually driveable.

So now I am back to my search, hopefully there are some honest dealers out there somewhere 🙂

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