What annoys you the most?

I’m going to limit this to three things otherwise this post could go on for quite some time 🙂

Firstly I get very annoyed when people don’t respect your property. I have on many occasions while parked, seen people pull up their cars beside another. They open their door and let it swing back hitting the car beside them. I actually feel annoyed on the other persons behalf and I don’t even know them! I never let my car door hit a car beside me, even if I have to breathe in and squeeze into/out my seat. I know my car has been hit in this way on several occasions, since scratches and small dents suddenly appear when only half an hour ago there were none. Is there no respect left for other peoples property?

The second thing that annoys me is people hanging up on me. I will even go as far as returning the call to give them an ear- full and then hang up on them. Obviously if you are having a heated argument I guess it’s a good way of ending it, but this only makes me angrier. If you no longer want to talk to me then tell me, I would respect you more for that.

The third thing that really annoys me is complete lack of common sense. Where I live it’s like a little horse shoe shape with a small park in the middle. There is no need to drive around it unless you live there and need to park but other people still do. This in itself doesn’t bother me except when they decide to drive full speed around it causing their tyres to squeal around the bends. There is a park, children are running back and forth and riding their bikes in the road. Common sense tells you to go slow and really, is there any need to speed in the first place?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jane Risdon says:

    Linda, don’t get me started on lists like this. I know – deep breaths and all that. Why are people so ignorant, rude and unaware of how they are impacting others? I always try to treat others as I would like to be treated myself….but it is so hard to keep my cool when confronted with ignoramuses who charge through life totally immune to the feelings of others and the impact they are having…..so I won’t list what annoys me…..I would be here to the end of time….but I do have likes too. Not totally an old codger!

    1. Lol, definitely agree with you there and you are nowhere near an old codger 🙂

      1. Jane Risdon says:

        Ah how sweet….some days I feel I am turning into one. Spending too much time with people over 80 (family) who moan non-stop! Afraid it is catching. lol xx

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