Coffee overload

Having been a dedicated coffee drinker, I’m slowly trying to wean myself back onto tea 🙂 I got to the point where I could quite easily drink up to twenty cups if not more a day, by the end of the day I would be a little shaky. This is not straight coffee, I can’t bare the taste of that I like the sachets of cappuccino and mocha and also the 3 in 1 Kenco or Nescafe sachets. I even got myself a Philips Senseo cappuccino maker but despite this amount of coffee I would still spend the day yawning and lacking in energy. I used to be a tea drinker but went off it completely when I was pregnant with my youngest so I have now decided to go back to it before I end up giving myself a heart attack from coffee overload 🙂

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Karen says:

    I am a dedicated tea drinker 😀

    1. I really used to be and am desperately trying to get back into Karen hopefully I can say the same for myself soon 🙂

      1. Karen says:

        Good luck! x

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