Mutual exchange

I don’t know how many of you out there have ever gone through a mutual exchange but I can tell you from personal experience that it is not the most pleasant process. We are looking for a bigger property for all my brood and since I haven’t become a multi-millionaire yet 🙂 my options are limited.

For those of you who aren’t aware of what a mutual exchange is, it is where council tennants are allowed to exchange properties with each other providing certain standards are met eg: neither parties are overcrowding or under-crowding. You find a suitable swap through various ways eg: word-of-mouth, ads in shop windows or various online schemes which you join and can search through the properties listed.

Once you find one you like that meets your needs then you can message that person and see if they may be interested in yours. Most do reply either way and then comes the fun part. You decide on a date to view each others properties, I always ask them to come to me first. The last thing I want is to go and view theirs only to fall in love with it and have them view mine and not like it leaving me disappointed.

So you spend ages cleaning and trying to make your house look more appealing for when they come to view it. Then they come round inspecting each room, occasionally commenting on whether it is bigger/smaller than theirs while you have to stand back and watch. Some will tell you there and then whether they are interested while others will say they will let you know, so then you spend the rest of the day biting your nails waiting on their phone call.

I hate it, this is after all my house’s reputation we are talking about. Nothing is worse than being told they are not interested because then that leaves you looking around thinking why the hell not? What’s wrong with my house? It really is an unpleasant process but unfortunately the only option we have at the moment unless I win the lottery 🙂

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  1. Merita King says:

    I’ve done it twice and I agree, it’s not a nice process. I found that the tenants left their places in a filthy state and both times I had to spend ages cleaning. Now I’m trying again to downsize because of the bedroom tax and the only ones who see to want to move are ones who live in awful areas where anyone would be afraid to go after dark. I’d rather pay the tax than move to a no-go area.

    1. I’ve also done it twice Merita, both times I found things were not left the same as I last saw them. I even had plug sockets hanging off walls and holes in the doors as though someone had put a fist or a foot through it. Now I have to go through it again but as they say third time lucky, lets hope we both do better this time 🙂

      1. Merita King says:

        Fingers crossed.

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