Sat-Nav hell!

I have a Garmin Sat-Nav and to be honest I would quite like to drop it on the floor and stomp the life out of it. I have family that live in Hastings and since I haven’t been driving that long I need the assistance of the Sat-Nav. I have drove to Hastings on four occasions and each time we have ended up going a different route. What should be roughly a two hour journey has ended up being almost three.

It doesn’t matter whether I set it to shorter time or shortest distance the damn thing always tries to take us the long way. We know that we should take the M25 so we head for that ignoring the Sat-Nav hoping it will re-route itself and just when we think it is putting us on the right track we end up on the back roads. So frustrating, I think I may have to invest in a new one 🙂

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