Automatic vs Manual

I have had this debate on many occasions and would really like to hear a sensible reply. I drive an automatic and to be honest I wouldn’t change a thing. I tried to learn to drive in a manual and spent many wasted years and loads of money never getting anywhere. My problem with manual is having to look down to change gears, obviously this isn’t ideal but without looking I always seemed to put it in the wrong gear. When I switched to automatic it only took me six months and then I passed my test.

To me, automatic is so much easier to drive but when I ask other people if they would drive an automatic they are adamant that manual is the best. When I ask their reasoning for this their reply is either ‘it just is’ or ‘automatic is lazy driving’.

Just because I don’t have to mess about with a gear stick I really don’t see how that is lazy. Are you a better driver because you drive a manual? If anything I think driving an automatic is safer, my full attention is on the road instead of messing with gears and I have lost track of the amount of times someone has stalled their car in front of me. I have gears too, I even have a nifty little sporty speed button when I need the extra zoom to over take or approaching steep hills.

So please can I have some sensible replies as to why Manual is so much better. I have driven both so I think I’m qualified enough to voice my opinion and for the record when I was learning to drive in a manual I never stalled the car and had perfect clutch control 🙂

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  1. Better? I don’t know. I prefer manual and that is what I have always driven. I feel it gives me more control,especially in winter weather with ice and snow. But I think I am turning into a dInosaur. Or a fossil. 🙂

    1. Lol, I doubt that Yvonne 🙂 My car has extra features for winter weather which I can press which is the same as changing gears although my previous car never had those. I have driven both and definitely prefer automatic, what annoys me is when people say I’m a lazy driver. That part I can’t understand!

      1. If it means you are lazy than you are in the same club as 95% of drivers. Very few drive standard anymore. 🙂

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