Wimbledon Tennis

It’s that time again when people break out the strawberries and cream, lining the streets of Wimbledon at crazy o’clock to go and watch the matches. I live just around the corner from the courts and apparently my residence is the envy of many people. Most of the residence take their opportunity to make a…

Outlines and plots

Just started to outline the last three books in the Twisted Bloodlines series now all I want to do is start writing them 🙂 

Nervous about opinions

As nervous as I am while waiting on the reviews to come in, there is nothing worse than waiting on the opinion of those close to you. My mother in-law and her mother have just finished reading my book. This was a big deal to me, especially as there are a few raunchy scenes in…

What do you like in a book?

Do you prefer the action to start at the beginning of a book or several chapters later? I have to say that if a book I’m reading just drags chapter after chapter then I will struggle to read it. Obviously you need the background and character introductions but endless chapters full of details is not…

This has made my day :)

  I woke up this morning to see this 🙂 Not sure how long I will remain in the top 100 but just being there is a massive achievement for me. Thanks to everyone who got me there 🙂