Too many ideas in my head!

Posted: June 10, 2013 in books

Now that book one is released, it will soon be time to start preparing book two. Its already written but needs the cover designed and obviously still needs editing. While I’m waiting on getting started with that I have gone back to book three, as with the second one it is already written but not yet typed up. (I always hand write my manuscripts first then type them up) The problem is as I’m typing it up, my head is filling up with ideas for the next three in the series and this is making me want to get started on those! I seriously need clones, there are not enough hours in the day for me to complete all that I want to do 🙂 Do any of you other authors out there have the same problem?

  1. I had the exact same conversation with fellow members of my writing group a week or so ago. There seems to be more ideas than hours in the day, week or months given to us. One friend asked what she should do as her WIP needs revision but a new idea is clamoring for attention. I told her go with the most insistent voice – once the idea has been crafted and her muse quietened she can go back to the original with more focus.
    Maybe you can write out some outlines?
    Good luck

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