Wimbledon Tennis

Posted: June 30, 2013 in books

It’s that time again when people break out the strawberries and cream, lining the streets of Wimbledon at crazy o’clock to go and watch the matches. I live just around the corner from the courts and apparently my residence is the envy of many people. Most of the residence take their opportunity to make a profit, renting their driveways for parking or various refreshment stands. Me on the other hand hate this time of year, it’s not just because I have no interest in tennis its simply because it is a huge inconvenience to my daily routine.

When I didn’t drive I had to suffer the packed buses, sometimes not even being able to get on them when trying to get my kids to and from school. Now I drive it is even worse! Coming out of a side road where visibility is usually reduced on a normal day is now completely impossible to see at all. Back to back cars parked on both sides of a narrow road leaving no room to swerve to avoid oncoming cars especially as I drive a seven seater it can become quite dangerous just pulling out of where I live. The roundabout I have to get across is completely congested while people are trying to get to the courts, some even using the bus lane to get across. Thankfully it only lasts a fortnight but for those of you who envy not living closer to the courts don’t, it really isn’t all that great 🙂


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