Recently I have had two bad experiences with ants. After laying wood flooring in my lounge, I think all of the banging must have disturbed an ants nest from my garden since ants came swarming into my lounge through the gap where the old skirting used to be. If that wasn’t bad enough I go out to my car a few days later only to find it covered in ants!

At first glance I thought someone had spray painted black across my car until I got closer and found it to be ants. I used a towel to knock off as many as I could so I could get the kids in the car, my neighbours must have thought I was crazy whipping my car with a towel at 8.30 am. It was like something out of a horror movie, driving while they were crawling across my windscreen and the windows. A few had managed to get in and my kids were screaming trying to get away from them, I kept expecting them to come swarming through the air vents since there were so many on my bonnet and crawling out of the radiator vents.

I managed to get the car to a car wash so I could get it cleaned inside and out, despite this I still spent the whole day feeling as though ants were crawling all over me. Lesson of the day don’t reverse too far back against a bush after they have been trimmed, ants will be looking for a new home 🙂

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