We all know there are thieves out there and many people suffer under the hands of these people. We are told to keep our belongings out of sight and close to hand but these days they are very cunning. My daughter had her changing bag on the back of the buggy with her Ipod in the side pocket. She was sitting down to eat in Mc Donalds with the pram beside her, shortly after she left she realized that the Ipod was missing. Clearly whoever took it had been watching her movements because there are two side pockets, the other was holding her keys. She was also sitting in a group and had checked the pocket several times during her time in there so they obviously seized their opportunity. She had only just got the Ipod for her birthday the week before but the thing she was mostly angry about is that it contained pictures of my grandson. It contained a password, I don’t know how easy it is these days to get passed that but seriously what a violation to steal from someone especially in such a blatant way. These thieves need to get a life, they will sell it for silly money and not give a second thought to their victims. Truly disgusting people, I would never steal from anyone. If I want something that I can’t afford then I will have to save up for it like a normal person.

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