Wobbly tooth



Most children love having a wobbly tooth, sadly not my youngest. Her first tooth that was wobbly ended up being swallowed because she refused to wobble it and it eventually fell out on its own it had been left that long! She was the same with her second tooth, it was so loose that it was literally hanging by a thread. She kept crying saying she wanted it out but refused to let me anywhere near it! I kept telling her to push it with her tongue but she wouldn’t do it, eventually she became so upset by it that we had to break out extreme measures. I really didn’t want to do it this way but I knew taking her to the dentist wasn’t an option and I didn’t want her swallowing a second one so in a team effort my eldest and me held her down on the sofa trying to pull out the tooth. She kept her mouth shut tight but eventually couldn’t help but scream, my eldest only had to push the tooth with her fingertip and out it came and boy did she scream. My son who was out at the time actually heard her screaming from the other side of where we live. He came home because he thought something serious had happened, she was screaming that loud! After about ten minutes she finally calmed down and then asked ‘what happens if I get another wobbly tooth?’ All I know is when she eventually goes on to have children of her own I won’t be with her during labour, my ears are still ringing from her screaming 🙂

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