Our beloved pets

Someone close to me is facing the decision of whether or not to put her dog down. The dog is well loved and treated almost as though one of the kids. Sadly he has nerve damage which has caused loss of use on his left side and is deteriorating rapidly. It is never easy to make the decision but at the end of the day no matter how much we love our pets is it better to be selfish, keeping them by our side while they are in pain and suffering or to do what’s best for them and let them go. I have been in a similar situation with our cat. We had her for fourteen years and she was suffering kidney failure and had slipped into a coma, on the advice of the vet I chose to let her go rather than bring her around for a little longer and continue to watch her suffering. The worst part is the children, they have grown up with the dog and are angry with their parents for even considering putting the dog down as were my own children when I did the same. One day they will realize it was for the best but for now unfortunately she is the bad person and will have to suffer their hatred along with her own heartbreak.

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  1. I had to let go of my companion, Twinkle in November. I still miss her every day but know to keep her with us with cancer masses all through her body would have been cruel. I sympathize and understand the torment. We must do what is best for the pet – prolonged suffering for them so we son’t have heart ache isn’t right. HUGS

    1. Sorry for your loss mandy but as you say it is really what is best for your pet 🙂

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