Animal lovers or money grabbers?

Posted: August 17, 2013 in books

I thought people who chose to work with animals did so because they have a love for them but apparently it seems that money is far more important. I mentioned in a previous post that a close family member was having trouble with her dog, the vet she took it to was going to charge a small fortune for an Xray so she took him to the RSPCA who did charge less but also said that there wasn’t much they could do and the best option was to put him down. Now obviously she didn’t want to do this so it was back to the vet which ended up costing £1000 to be told that he has an 80% chance of recovering but a 20% that he will never recover (it was apparently an embolism in his shoulder which has effected his left side) So really she has paid out all that money for nothing. This is why I home treat my dog, when he had kennel cough I used benylin which worked just as well as any pricey treatment a vet would have prescribed. My dog also suffers with allergies but to find out just what causes them it would be costly so I use piriton for the itch and when he cuts himself badly from scratching I use germoline instead of paying out for steroid cream. All of these things I use have been on the advice of the RSPCA, strange I know to use human remedies but equally effective 🙂 So really do people who work with animals do so because they love them? I don’t think so, if you don’t have the money to pay for treatment they will refuse to treat them not forgetting that you are charged for the appointment before you’re even seen!


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