Interesting bit of information

Posted: August 20, 2013 in books

My dad always seems to have an interesting bit of information every time I see him. On this occasion I was talking to him beside his car, well trying to. It was more like dancing around trying to avoid the wasp that didn’t seem to want to go away 🙂 My little jig spurred on this particular conversation about how bees kill hornets. He told me that if a hornet threatens a bees nest, they gather around it beating their wings creating a 47 degrees Celcius temperature which the hornet cannot withstand and therefore dies. He told me to look it up which I did and the process is actually called ‘thermo-balling’ where up to 500 bees engulf the hornet in a ball and their vibrations increase the temperature high enough to kill the hornet. I’ll leave you the link to the article I read check it out, fascinating stuff 🙂



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