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This is a good message for all of us, and especially for the character from my latest post over on the Twisted Bloodlines blog. Come over and take a look 🙂



To save someone

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Have you ever had someone tell you, that you have saved them from something? I have. Nothing as amazing as saving their life, but in a way that is what’s suggested. I have been with my husband since my teenage years, and when I met him he was on a downward slope. Details aside, his life was pretty messed up and not heading in a good direction. We got together and not long after I became pregnant with my first child, his previous downward spiral improved and he says I was the one to save him from the slippery path of destruction he was on. Can I really take credit for that? I admit his situation at one point was life threatening, but it may have turned around without my interference. We have a large family (contraception is not my friend, I always seem to find the 1% that is ineffective :)) it has been a long struggle and still is. Maybe if we had continued on separate paths he may have become a multi- millionaire or maybe I would have. I guess we will never know, but to say to someone ‘you saved me’ in my opinion isn’t strictly true. We both could have lived very different lives, possibly without the years of struggling or may have even been worse off. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life but I really can’t take credit for an unknown future, or saving them from something they may have been capable of doing themselves. Have you ever been in a similar situation? Am I wrong in what I’m saying?

A little inspiration :)

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Writers block?

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Having finished with the first edits for my second book, while also slowly recovering from the flu, I thought, YES! now I can make a start with book four in the series, having already completed number three a while ago. I always get excited starting a new book, so I sit down raring to go, and…… nothing 😦 I know how I want it to go in my head, but instead I’m staring at a blank page and can’t seem to put my ideas into words. Is it because of my flu induced brain? I’ve never suffered this before, and what’s worse is that I can actually see the scenes playing out in my mind, but the words just won’t come 😦 Has anyone else suffered this? If so, some advice on how to overcome it, would be greatly appreciated 🙂 If I don’t get these ideas out of my head, it may just explode!

Editing, love it or hate it?

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Once I receive my edits back from my editor, I’m excited but also dreading it at the same time. It’s kind of like being back at school. Remember that essay you worked so hard on, thinking it must be at least an ‘A’, only to receive it back and see that it’s covered in red pen, pointing out all of your mistakes. It’s a similar experience when it comes to edits, but at the same time, I improve by learning from them. Yes it can be disheartening, to see someone criticize what you have worked so hard on, but they are only there to help you improve on what you’ve already done, and let’s face it, we have all had the slip of a finger, pressing the wrong key turning what should be a recognizable word, into something else entirely. It’s always good to have a fresh pair of eye’s to look over your work, even if sometimes you don’t agree with their suggestions, they are trained in this particular field and are probably right. I quite like the suggestions, it gives me an opportunity to rethink and add to my manuscript in ways i didn’t think of before 🙂