Writers block?



Having finished with the first edits for my second book, while also slowly recovering from the flu, I thought, YES! now I can make a start with book four in the series, having already completed number three a while ago. I always get excited starting a new book, so I sit down raring to go, and…… nothing 😦 I know how I want it to go in my head, but instead I’m staring at a blank page and can’t seem to put my ideas into words. Is it because of my flu induced brain? I’ve never suffered this before, and what’s worse is that I can actually see the scenes playing out in my mind, but the words just won’t come 😦 Has anyone else suffered this? If so, some advice on how to overcome it, would be greatly appreciated 🙂 If I don’t get these ideas out of my head, it may just explode!

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