Teenagers and their mobile phones

Anyone who has teenagers probably have to suffer playing second best to their mobile phones. You sit down to eat dinner and there they are phone in hand, fingers flying across the keypad completely ignoring your existence. Or the favourite among my kids is when they don’t answer your call but when you send them a text, they instantly reply and why is that? Because their phone is on vibrate for calls but has some kind of tone for texts.The reason for that particular annoyance , I’ve no idea. The funniest thing to watch is when they have to use a landline phone. My daughter had to make an appointment, one of those stupid numbers that charge you the earth despite being in a hospital which has a normal number and yet your particular department has an 0203 number!!! But anyway , she picks it up like it’s some kind of foreign object and starts to dial the number. She then turns to me and says “I dialed it wrong, what do I do?” Hilarious!! So I have to tell her to hang it up and re-dial. Seriously, I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing but it did brighten my day lol

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