Acid reflux in babies

I have been unlucky enough to have a second child to suffer with the dreaded acid reflux. Fortunately my 3 month old daughter doesn’t have it as bad as her sister did but it still is a huge strain on daily life. With a busy household such as mine it can be he’ll at times, trying to get everyday things done such as housework ( although the vacuum seems to have solved that problem for the moment) and getting the kids ready for school takes twice as long as it should. She constantly wants to be rocked all day otherwise she just cries, the doctor prescribed infant gaviscon and ranitidine but they haven’t solved the problem. They can’t prescribe anything else because of her age and say she will grow out of it by the age of one. It’s horrible because you can’t even enjoy your baby’s first year, instead you find yourself wishing it away praying for their first birthday. It’s hard on the whole family, my other kids barely receive any of my attention because I spend all day trying to keep her calm and my husband doesn’t even come into the equation at all. I know other people who have had the same problem and there doesn’t seem to be an easy solution for it other than waiting it out. The biggest problem for me is that I hate sitting around, I was even considering using a sling so that I could get on with things but she only likes being rocked in the pram so that idea has gone out the window. I’d love to hear from any fellow sufferers and how you deal with it, feel free to leave your comments below 🙂

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