Wife swap, seriously?

Television is not my thing, but since my daughter has to be rocked in the buggy most of the day because of her acid reflux I find myself stuck in front of it quite a lot these days 😦 I came across the TV series wife swap and was completely amazed by it. I would never give over my house, kids, and husband for two weeks to some unknown woman. You have no idea who they are and in one episode the husband and wife were absolutely horrible. The wife had several children and was leaving them to a woman who only had two. She had serious jealousy issues leaving her husband with another woman, and her husband treated the other woman appallingly even reducing her to tears. Others were cleaning obsessed, and since you have to take over each others daily role it became a nightmare for the more relaxed woman and vice versa. I won’t go into all the details of each show, but on one episode a woman emptied out all of the persons ornaments and personal photo’s, while the other woman moved her child’s bedroom to another room in the house and redecorated it! If I were to ever be crazy enough to go on this program and I came home to things missing, or a total redecoration I would lose the plot! Would you go on TV and have your home and lifestyle disgraced on national television? I know I wouldn’t!

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