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Hate is such a strong word

Posted: February 22, 2014 in books



The word ‘hate’ is used so frequently, either describing a dislike of a certain food or activity, or in confrontation. Children love to throw the word around, especially when quarreling and as teenagers, it seems to become their favorite word. But what about when describing a person? Is it wrong to say you ‘hate’ a person, and mean it? We’re taught from a young age about respect, discrimination, and love thy neigbour, but what if this person has done you wrong? What if they are the sole reason for making your life hell, sinking you into depression with their words and actions, causing you to feel meaningless and unworthy of any one’s affections. Is it wrong to use the word ‘hate’ against them? I don’t think so, people can be cruel, preying on the less fortunate, overweight and so called ugly people of this world. We all come across at least one person we dislike in our lifetime, whether they have wronged us, or someone we care about. So when people say to me ‘hate is such a strong word’ I ask them, ‘if someone murdered a person you hold dear to you, would you use it then? I know I would. Unfortunately we live in a world where ‘love thy neighbor’ just isn’t possible, it is all too easy to take a human life without remorse. You only have to turn on the news, to see just how many ‘hate’ driven crimes are in practice all over the country. Ask the families of these victims, whether or not they ‘hate’ the person who committed these crimes, I’m pretty sure of the answer.


I’m bringing this up, because I’ve just removed a splinter from my eight year old daughters finger. It was wedged in quite deep, and in the first stage of infection, with puss oozing out around it. Now she told me that it had started hurting her, after doing the class job of sharpening pencils for the teacher. I’m all for giving children a bit of responsibility, but it seems she is doing this everyday. Another job she has to do, is bring the trumpets back to class after their lesson in the hall. She goes with a small group, which isn’t big enough to carry one each, so it entails repeated trips back and forth.Now these trumpets are extremely heavy once in their cases, I’ve carried it myself when she brings it home so I can vouch for it. The case itself is almost the same height as my daughter! Why are these children made to travel across school, to retrieve these heavy objects? Surely that must be a job for an adult, my daughter also has the task of hauling it up two flights of stairs to her classroom. She has tripped and fell many times with the case, if she seriously hurts herself, are they not risking a claim against them, because I wouldn’t let them get away with it. I think it’s a disgrace that they make children do this. Is the teacher too lazy to go and get them himself?

I’ve also seen children being sent to retrieve the pack lunch boxes. Huge plastic containers filled with pack lunch bags, which are to be taken from the classroom, across to the dinner hall. Some of these classrooms, like my daughters, are up two flights of stairs. It takes two children to carry these boxes, and they struggle to hold it steady, as they manoeuvre their way across the school. Some are even as young as reception age. Am I the only one who thinks this is wrong? I don’t expect my young children, to haul a linen basket full of wet washing up and down my stairs. The weight is probably equivalent to that of the trumpet case, and I suspect the lunch container as well. These are not teenagers who can take on a bit of heavy lifting, they are small children as young as six years of age !!!!

Character troubles?

Posted: February 14, 2014 in books

I came across this worksheet and thought I’d share it with all you authors out there if you haven’t already seen it 🙂 It’s quite a handy thing to have when developing your characters, just save the image and print it off and you’re good to go, have fun 🙂



Posted: February 13, 2014 in books

I love this quote, a little inspiration goes a long way 🙂


What do you buy a man for Valentines day?

Posted: February 11, 2014 in books



Why is it, that on Valentines day there isn’t much choice to get a gift for a man? For a woman you could get them flowers, chocolates, perfume, lingerie or even a great big fluffy bear, but what do you get for a man? Speaking on behalf of my husband (I don’t know about all you other men out there) I know he wouldn’t appreciate a bunch of flowers. (although it’s very unlikely any man would appreciate flowers) He doesn’t eat chocolates, I suppose you could buy after shave, but that doesn’t really show how much you love them, when you most probably buy it on a regular basis anyway. Same goes for underwear and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t appreciate a fluffy bear 🙂 It seems that Valentines day is directed at the female population, but if it is supposed to be a day of love then what does that suggest? Does it mean a man loves the woman more, and can therefore shower her with all these readily available gifts? Do we really need a dedicated day to show our love? And what about those who are trying to woo the one they have been after for a while, why is this one day their opportunity? What about the rest of the year? Personally I think its just another way to bleed money from the population. I’d skip it altogether, but I know my husband will follow tradition and buy something, so that puts the pressure onto me and I have no idea what to get!

I know I sound like a grouch, but I don’t need a dedicated day to show how much I love someone, that should be shown all year round 🙂

Upright or compact?

Posted: February 10, 2014 in books

I have owned many vacuum cleaners over the years. I started out with an upright, but found it too clunky, plus it was a bagged one at the time. I swiftly moved onto compacts, but they don’t seem to last very long, I always seem to destroy them piece by piece. First the hose comes away from the body and no matter how many times I push it back in, it always pops back out when I drag it along behind me. So then I whip out the tape and use most of the roll to keep it in place. Then the suction seems to disappear, leaving me pushing the dust around the floor, rather than sucking it up. It doesn’t matter how many times I empty the filters, the suction has left the building permanently! So after many wasted machines, I have decided to return to an upright. Nothing fancy like a Dyson, I refuse to pay out the same price I would for a TV, on something to Hoover the floor. The suction is still going strong and it hasn’t fallen apart as yet . Which do you prefer?

Saving the environment?

Posted: February 7, 2014 in books

Everyone raves about saving the environment, we now even have paperless billing to go towards the cause but what about our schools? I have three kids in secondary school and two in primary school. Both schools seem to have missed the memo regarding the environment. I receive 3 copies of school updates for my boys as well as an email, then I receive 3 school newsletters which is stupid because they all live with me so why not send just one? The same applies for the two in primary school, they also receive two newsletters. Its stupid to send out multiple copies of the same thing when they all live under one roof, I can understand that not everyone holds an email address but for those who do, which I had to fill out on the admission form anyway, why not just stick with that?


Posted: February 7, 2014 in books



I like this 🙂

The strong one is always the loneliest

Posted: February 6, 2014 in books

In most families you always tend to have one strong person to hold things together. The problem is that this person has a huge role. They become peacemakers among Waring siblings, the disipliner , the finance officer and a shoulder to cry on. This person is relied on for everything. If something is lost then they must know where it is, or be the one to go and find it. Now I know this isn’t the case of all family units but I can only comment on what I know and there are quite a few. As admirable as the role is, who is there for this person? Relied on to keep everything running smoothly when do they get a break? It’s like being a machine, everyone else comes first leaving no time for them to wind down and relax as they seem to always be on call. Who do they go to when they need something found? Would it all fall apart if they took a step back and let everyone fend for themselves? How far can anyone take this role until they snap under the pressure? I’ve seen that happen before and it wasn’t pretty. It becomes a habit, you sit back and think ‘ I’m not doing it anymore’ but then you see something hasn’t been put back how you like it, or you can’t find any clean socks because the washing hasn’t been done. It’s a lonely role but habits are hard to break especially when it’s not just yours.

Digging yourself a hole!!!

Posted: February 5, 2014 in books

I brought a slow cooker which I thought looked really nice. (I won’t use it myself, I’m not a great lover of cooking, I leave it to the hubby 🙂 The problem is that it doesn’t match any of my other kitchen appliances, so now I’ve just been online and ordered a new toaster, kettle, and fryer to match! Is it just me? am I being too fussy? I can’t bear it when things aren’t matching, my eyes get drawn to it and I can’t settle until I’ve corrected it 🙂