Huge mobiles

Posted: February 5, 2014 in books

I was with my friend the other week and she wanted me to make a phone call for her (she doesn’t like arguing with companies who are ripping her off 🙂 ) Anyway, she hands me her phone which is not far short of the size of a tablet! I look down at it, (bearing in mind, that I have really small hands and it hardly fits into my palm) I don’t know whether to put it to my ear, or hold it out in front of me and shout at it! It reminded me of that guy on TV, who walked around shopping centers with a huge cardboard phone and would stand next to people shouting at it as though he was in the middle of a call. Wasn’t it not so long ago that people found large phones too clunky and wanted smaller versions? Why the need for such a large mobile? It barely fits into your pocket, I suppose the bonus is that you wouldn’t lose it, but seriously I couldn’t use something that big to make a call. Maybe its me, am I alone in this or am I just getting too old 🙂


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