The strong one is always the loneliest

Posted: February 6, 2014 in books

In most families you always tend to have one strong person to hold things together. The problem is that this person has a huge role. They become peacemakers among Waring siblings, the disipliner , the finance officer and a shoulder to cry on. This person is relied on for everything. If something is lost then they must know where it is, or be the one to go and find it. Now I know this isn’t the case of all family units but I can only comment on what I know and there are quite a few. As admirable as the role is, who is there for this person? Relied on to keep everything running smoothly when do they get a break? It’s like being a machine, everyone else comes first leaving no time for them to wind down and relax as they seem to always be on call. Who do they go to when they need something found? Would it all fall apart if they took a step back and let everyone fend for themselves? How far can anyone take this role until they snap under the pressure? I’ve seen that happen before and it wasn’t pretty. It becomes a habit, you sit back and think ‘ I’m not doing it anymore’ but then you see something hasn’t been put back how you like it, or you can’t find any clean socks because the washing hasn’t been done. It’s a lonely role but habits are hard to break especially when it’s not just yours.

  1. this rings true, thanks for sharing. I think this can apply outside family units to, like a group of friends, a classroom, or even the workplace. When the strong ones crack, it feels like everybody else is doomed too.

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