What do you buy a man for Valentines day?

Posted: February 11, 2014 in books



Why is it, that on Valentines day there isn’t much choice to get a gift for a man? For a woman you could get them flowers, chocolates, perfume, lingerie or even a great big fluffy bear, but what do you get for a man? Speaking on behalf of my husband (I don’t know about all you other men out there) I know he wouldn’t appreciate a bunch of flowers. (although it’s very unlikely any man would appreciate flowers) He doesn’t eat chocolates, I suppose you could buy after shave, but that doesn’t really show how much you love them, when you most probably buy it on a regular basis anyway. Same goes for underwear and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t appreciate a fluffy bear 🙂 It seems that Valentines day is directed at the female population, but if it is supposed to be a day of love then what does that suggest? Does it mean a man loves the woman more, and can therefore shower her with all these readily available gifts? Do we really need a dedicated day to show our love? And what about those who are trying to woo the one they have been after for a while, why is this one day their opportunity? What about the rest of the year? Personally I think its just another way to bleed money from the population. I’d skip it altogether, but I know my husband will follow tradition and buy something, so that puts the pressure onto me and I have no idea what to get!

I know I sound like a grouch, but I don’t need a dedicated day to show how much I love someone, that should be shown all year round 🙂


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