Are teachers taking advantage of giving children odd jobs?

Posted: February 16, 2014 in books

I’m bringing this up, because I’ve just removed a splinter from my eight year old daughters finger. It was wedged in quite deep, and in the first stage of infection, with puss oozing out around it. Now she told me that it had started hurting her, after doing the class job of sharpening pencils for the teacher. I’m all for giving children a bit of responsibility, but it seems she is doing this everyday. Another job she has to do, is bring the trumpets back to class after their lesson in the hall. She goes with a small group, which isn’t big enough to carry one each, so it entails repeated trips back and forth.Now these trumpets are extremely heavy once in their cases, I’ve carried it myself when she brings it home so I can vouch for it. The case itself is almost the same height as my daughter! Why are these children made to travel across school, to retrieve these heavy objects? Surely that must be a job for an adult, my daughter also has the task of hauling it up two flights of stairs to her classroom. She has tripped and fell many times with the case, if she seriously hurts herself, are they not risking a claim against them, because I wouldn’t let them get away with it. I think it’s a disgrace that they make children do this. Is the teacher too lazy to go and get them himself?

I’ve also seen children being sent to retrieve the pack lunch boxes. Huge plastic containers filled with pack lunch bags, which are to be taken from the classroom, across to the dinner hall. Some of these classrooms, like my daughters, are up two flights of stairs. It takes two children to carry these boxes, and they struggle to hold it steady, as they manoeuvre their way across the school. Some are even as young as reception age. Am I the only one who thinks this is wrong? I don’t expect my young children, to haul a linen basket full of wet washing up and down my stairs. The weight is probably equivalent to that of the trumpet case, and I suspect the lunch container as well. These are not teenagers who can take on a bit of heavy lifting, they are small children as young as six years of age !!!!


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