Hate is such a strong word

Posted: February 22, 2014 in books



The word ‘hate’ is used so frequently, either describing a dislike of a certain food or activity, or in confrontation. Children love to throw the word around, especially when quarreling and as teenagers, it seems to become their favorite word. But what about when describing a person? Is it wrong to say you ‘hate’ a person, and mean it? We’re taught from a young age about respect, discrimination, and love thy neigbour, but what if this person has done you wrong? What if they are the sole reason for making your life hell, sinking you into depression with their words and actions, causing you to feel meaningless and unworthy of any one’s affections. Is it wrong to use the word ‘hate’ against them? I don’t think so, people can be cruel, preying on the less fortunate, overweight and so called ugly people of this world. We all come across at least one person we dislike in our lifetime, whether they have wronged us, or someone we care about. So when people say to me ‘hate is such a strong word’ I ask them, ‘if someone murdered a person you hold dear to you, would you use it then? I know I would. Unfortunately we live in a world where ‘love thy neighbor’ just isn’t possible, it is all too easy to take a human life without remorse. You only have to turn on the news, to see just how many ‘hate’ driven crimes are in practice all over the country. Ask the families of these victims, whether or not they ‘hate’ the person who committed these crimes, I’m pretty sure of the answer.


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