Car insurance rip off


I feel, I must point out the worst car insurance company, I have ever come across. It’s not just me, that has had problems with this company. It has even been featured on the television, on a programme about comparison sites, and what insurance companies don’t reveal.

When I got my first car, I used a comparison site, I forget which one, but I went with the cheapest, as you do, and came across Diamond Car Insurance. Now as a new driver, I expected it to be costly so I decided to go, third party, fire, and theft. After a small heart attack at the quoted £166 for monthly instalments, it seemed to be fairly plain sailing. That was, until I found out, that it was only a ten month policy. This was the first complication, which was soon followed by a returned direct debit. This was because they attempted to take out an instalment, ten days before the contracted due date. I called to find out why, they said sometimes they do this, and do I want to change the due date. Temper held in, I explained that there isn’t a problem with the due date, my problem is when you try and take money weeks before it! They assured me, I wouldn’t be charged, and apologised for the inconvenience. A few days later, I received a letter from them. I’d been charged an extra £5 for the returned direct debit. This happened on another two occasions. Despite explaining, that I’m not a millionaire with a running bank balance, and that I had incurred bank charges, as well as their charges, through their mistake, they went on to demand the left over balance of the policy in full. This actually made my day, now was my chance to get rid of them without a cancellation fee, since it was them who were cancelling the policy.

I’m now fully comp, with all the cover needed, including breakdown insurance  with another company, and I only pay £106 a month. Yes it is still expensive to those of you who have been driving for years, but I haven’t reached three years yet, and with Diamond, I had no cover on anything at all. Diamond, are a complete rip off, and their customer service is a joke. They don’t stick to the due date, dipping into your bank account whenever the feeling suits them. This is my warning to all of you looking for an insurance company,

  Never go with Diamond car insurance!!!!

You have been warned 🙂

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