Some handy advice for reflux babies


Here’s a little help, for those of you who have babies suffering from acid reflux, or reflux. Some of you may, already be aware of Aptamil Anti-Reflux formula, and may be thinking ‘DUH’ it’s been around forever, but if like me, it’s been a while (7 years in my case) since you had a formula fed baby, then I highly recommend it.

My six month old baby girl, has suffered with acid reflux since birth. Her sister before her, also suffered, although her case was severe. The doctor advised me to try medication, but it did nothing so we then tried Gaviscon. I’d been through this process with my other daughter, and didn’t hold out much hope, it did help a little, but not enough. I scoured the internet, and forums for anything else I could try, and came across several formulas that people had tried. I went for Aptamil, despite saying on the box to seek medical advice first. My doctors, and midwives had been less than helpful, telling me to persevere until she grows out of it. They are not the ones, who have to watch a baby get to the point where she would rather go without a feed, and start to lose weight because of it.

Since my daughter has been on this formula (a month) there has already been a significant change. She is no longer losing weight, drinking all of her feeds, and we have even begun weaning. She is extremely content, sleeping through the night, and no longer being sick. I wish I’d found the formula sooner, although I will say the milk is hard to work with. It’s very thick like a milkshake. You need fast flow teats otherwise it won’t come out. It can’t be kept in the fridge, or left standing too long, and sometimes near the end of a feed, the milk becomes too thick, and you have to unblock the hole. (run it under hot water) My daughter is usually on six ounces, so I make it up to seven, to make up for the last bit of the bottle she can’t get out when it becomes too frothy.

I don’t advise using this formula, unless your baby has been diagnosed with reflux, and their medication is not working. A change of milk isn’t always a solution, and may not work for your baby. I hope this post has been helpful, reflux is a horrible thing, and I was at my wits end for a way to help my baby 🙂

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