Online holiday bookings


I recently booked a holiday to Spain, with I’d never booked a holiday online before, and was a little dubious about the whole thing. Firstly, you have to take it on good faith, that it isn’t a scam, and that you’re about to lose your bank balance. Secondly, with this particular company, they state ‘it is a ticketless airline’ so no tickets arriving in the post. All you’re supposed to do, is print off all the confirmation info, which consists of a flight voucher with your arrival/departure times. Then you have a hotel voucher with the name, and address of where you’ll be staying, and if you’re in need of a shuttle service (which we were) then you have a voucher for that. Bear in mind, that these are only pieces of paper, that I’ve printed out myself from a confirmation email.

As the time drew near for our holiday, we were a little panicked. We had no idea what to expect at the airport, we didn’t even have a terminal destination, although there was a flight reference number. (Which I checked online at Gatwick’s site, although I had to wait until it was 12 hours before I was due to fly, otherwise it wouldn’t show up)

We arrived at the airport with our pieces of paper, and were relieved to receive boarding passes, however we still had two more hurdles ahead of us. Thankfully, the shuttle, and hotel vouchers were legit, and we went on, to have a very nice holiday. The hotel was immaculate, with friendly staff, and on departure, the shuttle was ready, and waiting at the expected time.

I can only speak for this particular website of course, but I would recommend it. The holiday was cheap, and everything was as it stated, so no hidden hell-hole in a foreign country, or left stranded abroad, with no return flight. All round, a very nerve-wracking, but pleasantly surprising experience 🙂

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