Police, stop, and search


In my country, it is not uncommon to see someone being stopped, and searched by the police. This usually applies, to youngsters who appear to be up to no good, hanging around the streets. Obviously, if the police are correct in their suspicions, and the person in question, was, intending on selling drugs etc to passers by, then it is a job well done. This wasn’t the case in Spain, where I have just returned from my holiday. On the first day we arrived there, and left the hotel after check-in, we were approached by a young man offering to sell us drugs.

After politely declining, he continued to pursue us while we walked, and then tried to sell us other merchandise that he had in his bag. (watches, bracelets etc) This kind of annoyance happened each day we were there. These people lined the street, which were full of shops, bars, and restaurants, and they stood out like a sore thumb. Police cars, and bikes drove down this street, but oddly never seemed to stop, and search them. After speaking to one of the bar owners, (who happened to be English, and had moved to Spain, several years ago) he told us that they never got stopped by the police, and that they kept their drugs supply in the rubbish bin, which they stood next to.

Why is it, that the police don’t seem concerned by this? I know Spain is a relaxed country, but these people are a menace, and also dangerous. Who knows what, you could be buying from them, that is, if you were stupid enough to go ahead and deal with them. It did put a dampener on our holiday, constantly being accosted by these people. It wouldn’t happen where I live, they would have been stopped, and searched straightaway!

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