Baby food revamped

I admit, I’m a little out of practice with the weaning stage. The last time I had to do it, was seven years ago, and my, how it’s changed. They have the oddest, and quite frankly, nasty sounding food I’ve ever heard of.


Here is one example, and I can tell you, it doesn’t look too appetizing when it comes out of the pouch. I’m only glad my daughter doesn’t pay attention to what’s in the bowl, they say you eat with your eyes, I wouldn’t eat this! I mean where are the normal meals you used to have? It seems all brands have converted to this odd combination, and to be honest, my baby isn’t that keen on them.


And what about this one? I don’t even know what rutabaga is!!

Is it just me being out of practice? Where are all the old food combinations? What’s wrong with good old fashion Heinz spag bol?



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