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Holidays out of school term time

Posted: June 30, 2014 in books


This discussion has been debated widely, especially since fines, for taking children on holiday during term time has been instated. We all know that holidays can be sometimes doubled in price during the school holidays. Even with all of the many discount sites available online, a week earlier, can make a huge difference to the price. Some even say that they would rather pay the fine, than the extra 1000 added to the cost of traveling in peak times.

I can sympathise with both sides of the argument. Our children’s education is extremely important, but would a week really make a difference? If say, they had chicken-pox, wouldn’t having to take a week off school to recover from that, not have the same effect on their education? Sometimes there are certain circumstances that require taking children out of school, like a death in the family. Will they be fined for this as well?

I feel for the families like mine. When you have a large family, even a few days can seem like a small fortune, surely these companies are able to lower their prices. If they matched their prices with peak, and off peak times, we could avoid those families who struggle to afford it. They wouldn’t lose out on money, more people would take a holiday if it was more affordable in out of term time.

What are your views?


Too stubborn

Posted: June 29, 2014 in books


Many of us recall that argument taking place, where both of you think you are right. You lapse into silence, each as stubborn as the other, refusing to give in. It could be days, weeks or months, before you even speak again. Meanwhile, everyone around you, are walking on eggshells, waiting for the tense atmosphere to finally evaporate. It’s worse when you live together, moving around the house, avoiding eye contact, maybe even a few harsh comments thrown around as you pass. Is this really the best solution? What about being the better person, and swallowing the need to be right, allowing harmony to be restored, at least for the other residents in your households sake.

I suppose it actually depends on the source of the fallout, but do we not encourage our children to kiss, and make up? Shouldn’t we follow the examples we set? Each case, of course is different. If we truly believe we are right, then why should we relent? Whatever the case, I believe not talking to an individual over something, (especially when you live together) is pretty pointless. Does it really get you anywhere? All I see is, that you make everyone (including yourselves) miserable. I am speaking from experience, it’s not fair on the rest of the family, and  you don’t stand to gain anything at the end of it. So is this really the best course of action?

Mobile review

Posted: June 4, 2014 in books


I don’t have much luck with mobile phones, and this one is no exception. I once again, cracked the screen on yet another mobile. They keep falling out of my pocket, because the ones I seem to buy, are a bit on the large side. Totally gutted, and in need of a new phone fast, I scoured Ebay. The previous phone I had, was a HTC ONE, and I upgraded to get it. So now, I’m left with finding a cheap one until my contract is up for renewal. I came across this Jacomm. I’ve never heard of the make before, but it looked okay, and the most important thing was that it happened to be within my budget.

After looking at the specifications, it claimed to have dual sim slots. One for a standard sim, and the other for a micro sim. Since my previous mobile required a micro sim, I thought it would be perfect, and that I wouldn’t have the drama of waiting on a replacement sim.

What can I say? This mobile is a disaster! It is as pretty, as it looks, and easy to navigate, but the internet connection is rubbish. The WI-FI connection keeps going off, so I’m constantly rebooting it. The internet, only works if I’m in range with my broadband hub, but even then, I could be standing right next to it, and still lose connection!

I started thinking that, maybe it was the sim card. It stated that the standard sim slot was 3G, and the micro 2G. I’ve always had internet usage outside of the house with my previous mobile. Even Vodafone couldn’t update the settings, when I called the helpline. The only thing I can think of, is to try a standard sim card, so I’ve ordered one, and will keep you posted.

A girl’s gotta have internet access. I’m a social butterfly after all 🙂