Mobile review

Posted: June 4, 2014 in books


I don’t have much luck with mobile phones, and this one is no exception. I once again, cracked the screen on yet another mobile. They keep falling out of my pocket, because the ones I seem to buy, are a bit on the large side. Totally gutted, and in need of a new phone fast, I scoured Ebay. The previous phone I had, was a HTC ONE, and I upgraded to get it. So now, I’m left with finding a cheap one until my contract is up for renewal. I came across this Jacomm. I’ve never heard of the make before, but it looked okay, and the most important thing was that it happened to be within my budget.

After looking at the specifications, it claimed to have dual sim slots. One for a standard sim, and the other for a micro sim. Since my previous mobile required a micro sim, I thought it would be perfect, and that I wouldn’t have the drama of waiting on a replacement sim.

What can I say? This mobile is a disaster! It is as pretty, as it looks, and easy to navigate, but the internet connection is rubbish. The WI-FI connection keeps going off, so I’m constantly rebooting it. The internet, only works if I’m in range with my broadband hub, but even then, I could be standing right next to it, and still lose connection!

I started thinking that, maybe it was the sim card. It stated that the standard sim slot was 3G, and the micro 2G. I’ve always had internet usage outside of the house with my previous mobile. Even Vodafone couldn’t update the settings, when I called the helpline. The only thing I can think of, is to try a standard sim card, so I’ve ordered one, and will keep you posted.

A girl’s gotta have internet access. I’m a social butterfly after all 🙂



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