Holidays out of school term time

Posted: June 30, 2014 in books


This discussion has been debated widely, especially since fines, for taking children on holiday during term time has been instated. We all know that holidays can be sometimes doubled in price during the school holidays. Even with all of the many discount sites available online, a week earlier, can make a huge difference to the price. Some even say that they would rather pay the fine, than the extra 1000 added to the cost of traveling in peak times.

I can sympathise with both sides of the argument. Our children’s education is extremely important, but would a week really make a difference? If say, they had chicken-pox, wouldn’t having to take a week off school to recover from that, not have the same effect on their education? Sometimes there are certain circumstances that require taking children out of school, like a death in the family. Will they be fined for this as well?

I feel for the families like mine. When you have a large family, even a few days can seem like a small fortune, surely these companies are able to lower their prices. If they matched their prices with peak, and off peak times, we could avoid those families who struggle to afford it. They wouldn’t lose out on money, more people would take a holiday if it was more affordable in out of term time.

What are your views?

  1. Yeah, I feel for this post. When I was in high school, I took four days off to go on vacation, and although I had a lot of homework when I got back, it wasn’t unmanageable. I didn’t know people were fined for vacation time, some places, though. How strange. Anyways, right now I’m just agonizing over air fare. I’m attending college overseas, and the airline prices go down about a thousand bucks a week after my departure date. Sigh.

    • It’s a new thing in the UK. They are hoping it will stop parents, but as most have stated, it is cheaper than paying the extra cost to go a week later 🙂

      • Ah, okay, I see. Was there quite a lot of people speaking out against it when it was instated, or do most people agree with the program?

      • I think most people are in favour, except for a small minority. Of course, as with all of these things, those who are for it would soon change their mind if a problem arose, and they had to take their children out of school. The people I know, do try, and avoid taking their children out in term time, but it’s not always possible.

      • Ah, okay. Thank you for the illumination. 🙂

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