The dreaded visit

What is your worst nightmare scenario when visiting someone’s house? Maybe they have so much clutter, that you can barely see the floor, and you politely shove things aside with your foot, in order to make your way through their house. Or perhaps they have creepy paintings, or ornaments whose eyes follow you wherever you…


Listening to the radio today, they were discussing whether there should be an age limit, for when you should stop doing certain things. For example, wearing bikinis, kissing in the street etc. Most of the callers targeted people aged 40 and onwards. Should there be an age limit? Why should someone aged 60, for example,…

New banner :)

Check out my cool new sales banner, courtesy of my wonderful publisher, Miranda Stork 🙂  

Release day is finally here :)

            Book three, Curses and Deception, is finally out now at most good online stores

Release day warning

With only just a few days until Curses and Deception is released, I’m getting very excited 🙂 I’ll be ordering my copy, will you?