Posted: July 10, 2014 in books

Listening to the radio today, they were discussing whether there should be an age limit, for when you should stop doing certain things. For example, wearing bikinis, kissing in the street etc. Most of the callers targeted people aged 40 and onwards. Should there be an age limit? Why should someone aged 60, for example, not be allowed to wear a bikini? Is it because people don’t wish to witness the sight? While it’s true that for most of us, things start going south, after a certain age, does that mean we need to cover up for other peoples sake? If we’re comfortable in ourselves, then why should it matter? Everyone is an individual, age shouldn’t make any difference to our personal habits, if we don’t want it to.

I think it’s sweet to witness an old couple, kissing in the street. It shows that even after all these years, their love is still going strong. Unless of course, they have recently gotten together, which is all the more sweeter 🙂

One comment, was about riding a skateboard, and that they thought you stop at 60. If you can do it at that age, fair play to you. I can’t even ride a skateboard, at my age:)

What are your views? Should age matter?th (15)

  1. ellierayne says:

    Age does matter to parents mostly wanting their young adults children to be matured and act matured according to their age. But what if you have a mental disorder like me.. I am almost 23 but i act like i m 19-20 yrs old of age. I seek time to be a real adult. So age does matter to someone like me..

    • Hi ellierayne, the post was more directed at the older generation, and regarding the discussion I heard on the radio. Obviously age does matter in some cases. As a parent to three teens myself, I understand the expectation of wanting your children to act their age, and become more mature,but in some cases this isn’t always possible, as you have already pointed out.

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