Sentimental attachments


Have you ever had something that you really loved, and for whatever reason, you no longer have it, yet nothing similar quite compares? It could be your first love. You felt as though the world may end, if you missed even a second with them, but then the relationship breaks down, and no-one else quite lives up to your first love.

It could even be a possession, or an item of clothing. A favorite mobile, which did everything you wanted it to, but then broke, and no other phone compares. I’ve had one like that 🙂 Or a favorite pair of jeans, so comfortable and a perfect fit, but sadly constant wear and tear, render them fit for the bin. You’ve bought hundreds of pairs since, but none compare, and that one pair, just sticks in the back of your mind driving you insane with the hunt to find an exact replica.

All of those have at one point plagued me, but my utmost sentimental attachment is my first car. An extremely old model, no power steering, or electric windows. It had an unknown leak in the backseat, which I cursed on many occasions. Not forgetting the rather scary times, when I got locked in randomly by the central locking, or even when the gas pedal used to press itself down, without my foot being anywhere near it! Despite all these things, and the fact that I have a new car with power steering (no more pop-eye biceps 🙂 ) electric windows, and a much smoother drive, It just doesn’t seem to compare. Maybe it’s because that was my first car, I don’t know. All I do know is, that I miss it.

Why do we form these attachments? And why does nothing else seem to compare, especially when in my case, it’s a much better deal? Let’s hear your attachments, especially if you managed to move past them 🙂

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