Dressing up day

dress up

Most schools love to put on dressing up days. They are usually because of subjects the children have been learning, and it’s a way of making education fun for them. While this is all well and good, what about the children who don’t like dressing up? Or the parents, who can’t afford to go out and spend a small fortune on an outfit. My children don’t own any dress up clothes, it’s not something they are interested in, but this particular day at my child’s school, is come as a caveman. Now really, why would my girls have a caveman outfit? it’s not exactly girly. And to be honest, I refuse to pay out for something they will only wear once. While it’s true, that if you didn’t have the funds to go and buy something, then you could probably rustle something up. But then you face the drama of those certain children, and there is always one, who have a brand spanking new outfit, and feel the need to take the mick out of your creative attempt.

I personally feel that if the school wants a dressing up day, then they should make it a classroom activity, getting the children to design their outfits and help them make it. This would solve all these common problems, and would prove far more useful to the class subject. I mean, the cavemen didn’t exactly pop down to Asda, or some other store, and buy their clothing now, did they 🙂

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