Smashed screen


Have you ever done this? I have to two mobiles, and I was totally gutted. The most recent, was my HTC mini. I loved that phone, but I also valued the skin on my face. I put it aside, not having the heart to throw it away. I went on to buy a new mobile, but it was nothing, compared to my HTC. I asked in the phone shops, how much it would cost to repair, but was quoted £100. That is money, I refuse to pay when it could go to other uses.

My daughter’s son got hold of her mobile, and threw it on the floor, smashing the screen. She took it to one of those cheap stores, and they quoted £40, to fix it for her. It seemed reasonable, and I considered taking mine there, but when she got it back, it was never the same. It continued to freeze, the touch screen barely worked, and she ended up getting a new mobile.

Knowing that Ebay, and other such sites, do spare mobile parts, I figured that if I ordered a new screen, and followed a Youtube video (they have videos for everything!) then I could fix it myself. I found a screen for £40 which I ordered, the video looked fairly straightforward, but knowing me, I’d probably snap something off! I decided to pass the job onto my dad. It took a while, with a few minor hiccups, but he done it, and now I have my mobile all working perfectly 🙂

The moral of the story is, if you love your mobile, as I did, there are cheaper options, although a little on the tricky side, but it can be done 🙂

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