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Posted: October 27, 2014 in books


After someone had read the first two books in the Twisted Bloodlines series, she then went on to say, ‘they are similar to Twilight aren’t they?’ Um no. My books are nothing like Twilight. There are no sparkly vampires, in fact no vampires at all. Neither is there, a tragic love story as the main theme of the book. There is however, a love triangle, and also a wolf who can shift, but that’s where the similarity ends. As much, as I did enjoy reading Twilight, I much prefer a little more blood and guts, oh, and lots of action. My female cast are strong, and don’t buckle under the pressure, and boy do they have a lot to deal with. Yes my book is brimming with hot guys, who are also shifters, (not all wolves, I might add) but they are fighting for a much tougher cause, and their enemy is virtually indestructible, and they can all stand out in daylight, even sunbathe in it if they want to 🙂

While I value each readers opinion, I do get a little miffed when my books are deemed similar to another. I’ve read a lot of books, and I can honestly say, that I have never come across a story line similar to mine. If you don’t believe me, then check it out for yourself 🙂


Reading or writing?

Posted: October 25, 2014 in books


Here’s a tough question for some of you authors out there. Which do you prefer the most, reading or writing? Before I wrote my first book, I was an avid reader, nothing would come between me and a book. After completing book one in the series, my to-read pile, got pushed aside, and writing took over. Take now for example, I’ve just sent off book four to be edited so I have some free time on my hands. I desperately want to catch up with my forgotten books, but can’t help myself from diving into book five. There’s no rush for completion, and yet the book I’ve been dying to read, is sadly gathering dust. As an author, we all love our work, but does it take priority when it doesn’t have to? Or is my own experience, the same for all of you?


A popular product, which has been around for many years, but does it help to assist your child in their first steps? From my experience, no. My 11 month old has just started moving around the furniture, she’s still unsteady on her feet so I thought I’d try this. What can I say, expect epic fail. If she manages to keep it upright, she flies across the floor, and ends up falling. But mostly, as soon as she stands behind it, it flips up. The problem is, that all the weight is on the front, and none on the back to stabilize it, so as soon as her weight pushes down on the handle, the front flips up. The wheels should be a little stiffer, to prevent it going faster than the child can. It’s not just my own child that has experienced this, I know of plenty others who also have the same problem. Having said that, the toy on the front is rather good, my daughter loves playing with it 🙂

Anyone else experience this issue?

Is it necessary?

Posted: October 22, 2014 in books

shopping (1)

Now I’m not really a primping person, having an 11 month old, doesn’t really allow for you to look like you just stepped out of a model shoot. However, I do brush my hair, and was in need of a new one. Browsing online, I came across this one, and couldn’t believe what I was seeing! The brush costs £98 pounds. Why? For that price, I’d want it to brush and style my hair for me, without having to lift a finger! Do people really pay that amount? It’s a brush, you could buy a television for that price. Apparently, it has 7 rings of extra stiff pure bristle tufts to stimulate blood flow to the hair roots. Is that really worth paying that price for? I don’t think so, maybe I’m wrong, but I could think of better things to spend my money on 🙂

Anyhoo, here’s the link if you want to check it, and the reviews out. No amount of five stars, will convince me to pay out that much for something you brush your hair with.,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.77880786,d.d2s&ion=1&espv=2&tch=1&ech=1&psi=1U5HVOewIon5av7igfgH.1413959381200.11&ei=MU9HVKCDK-Su7AaauIHgBw&ved=0CN8CEKYrMA44PA

Which stage scares you the most?

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What stage of your baby’s development, do you fear the most? While they are small, and immobile, you would think that was an easy stage. However, some babies are prone to reflux, my own included. That is quite a scary stage, especially when they are vomiting in their sleep. Maybe when your child starts crawling, that could be a fearful stage for you. Little hands, touching things that are potentially dangerous. The change to lumpy foot is also quite worrying, for me anyway, choking is a huge fear of mine. Personally, I think the climbing stage is the worst. My 11 month old, climbs everything. She can’t walk, although she is able to walk along the sofa, holding onto the edge. She climbs up the walls, and sometimes lets go, and then drops to the floor. I’m constantly following her around, and then you have the awkward task of removing her from behind you, since she decided to climb up the backs of my legs! I really hate this stage, they are so unsteady on their feet. If I could, I would install padded flooring around the whole house! At least when they learn to walk, they are more steady, despite sometimes losing their balance, but it doesn’t seem so bad at that stage for some reason.

What is your worst stage in your child’s development?

Patience is the key

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I have a tendency to be a little obsessive when it comes to my Amazon rankings. While I know most, wouldn’t be satisfied unless they are ranking in the top 100, I’m happy enough to stay within the 100,000 mark. Lately, the figures haven’t been so great, and ‘Curses and Deception’, wasn’t even ranking at all on! Today, I did my usual check, and was ecstatic to see, that all of my books had lowered from their previous ranking 🙂 And best of all, ‘Curses and Deception’ is now ranking on 🙂 In honour of this, I thought the above quote was very appropriate 🙂

Why are we so scared of these creatures?

Posted: October 18, 2014 in books


Now I know some of you, will be cringing at the sight of this picture (I admit, I am, and I’m the one writing it!) but why are we so scared of them? In comparison, we are giants. It’s understandable for those of you, who live in countries where their bite can kill you, but in my country that’s quite a rare occurrence. Is it because they have more legs than us? Or perhaps, the thought of them crawling all over us. What about the claim, that we swallow up to ten a night? I’ve no idea if that’s true, but the fact remains, if you see one of these coming, then all hell breaks loose. Well, in my house anyway 🙂 Everyone is terrified of spiders in my house, even the really small ones. We get quite large ones, like the image above, and removal is completely left down to me. If my kids see one of these in their room, they refuse to go in there until it’s gone. I’ve even been woken up during the night, to get rid of a spider. If they are small, I tend to leave them alone, but the big ones meet their fate with a book, or magazine. I’m no fan of spiders myself, but somehow the job has fallen to me. I can’t help thinking that, one day an army of them, will come for revenge for their fallen comrades 🙂 That brings a rather creepy film to mind, although I did muster the courage to watch the film ‘Arachnophobia’. I somehow doubt that my family would 🙂

It doesn’t make sense, why we fear something so small, but a fear is a fear. How about you? Do you fear these creatures, or are you brave enough to take one in your hand, and place it outside? I could never do that, I’m not even brave enough to use a cup, trapping them, and tipping it onto the palm of my hand. The thought of it makes me cringe!