Book review

Posted: October 11, 2014 in books

styxx 1

So after finally finishing book four of the Twisted Bloodlines series, I took a little time out, to catch up on my TBR pile, and this is a book, I’ve been dying to read 🙂 Having been an avid fan of the dark hunter series for years, this one didn’t disappoint. Anyone who has followed the series, knows that Styxx, is Archeron’s twin brother. From Archeron’s portrayal of him, you would expect Styxx to be an arrogant spoiled prince, who has caused Archeron nothing but pain and misery. However, as you will soon learn, this is not the case. We all know of the horrors that Archeron had endured through his life, bitterness, and hatred tends to cloud our judgement, especially when you feel as though your family have turned against you. Sadly, Archeron was too blinded to see, that Styxx has also suffered the same fate, if not worse. This is a heart wrenching tale, of one man’s quest for survival. Thrown into it, from such a young age, Styxx has faced things, most would not recover from, and yet he still maintained his humanity, especially towards Archeron, despite him having his own hand in Styxx’s tortured upbringing.

A fantastic read, and one which was well worth the wait for me. This has now become my favorite in the series. Five stars from me 🙂


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