Appointments from hell

Posted: October 17, 2014 in books


Have you ever suffered with corns on your feet? I do, and it’s far from pleasant! The soles of my feet are riddled with them, and it’s complete agony to walk on. I have actually reshaped my toes, which have now been deemed as ‘hammer toes’ because of trying to find a part of my sole to walk on, that isn’t painful! And you know the rough skin you get, on the back of your foot, mine is several inches thick. My doctor made an appointment for me to see a specialist, so off I went on Monday thinking we were just going to have a chat about what to do next. Boy was I wrong! ‘No’, she says, ‘I’m going to do it now’. Out comes some sharp looking tools, and away she goes. I blunted three of her blades, and she even had to break out an electrical file for the back of my foot. My little toe nail, had to be sliced in half, because there was a corn underneath it. She had to cut really deep in most places to get at the core, and when I eventually stood up, I was in more pain than when I first got there. She said it might be sensitive for a few days, but what should have been a five minute walk to my house from the clinic, turned out to be nearly twenty minutes!

So that was my first appointment from hell this week, and yesterday came my second. I had to have a test for glaucoma, my optician did a puff test, and apparently I scored high, so I needed to be referred. Not sure what to expect, I met the doctor and took a seat in front of the machine. He said he needed to put drops in my eyes, this I expected but he said they were an anesthetic. I didn’t even know you could numb eyeballs! So this, along with yellow dye, and my eyes were stinging like mad. He brings this spike thing forward which has a blue light at the top of it, and informs me not to blink. The thing actually touches your eyeball, I couldn’t help but blink! He gets irritated, and threatens to break out more drops, so I promise to behave, while he holds my eyelids open and I desperately try not to blink. Finally successful, he says there’s one more test, and more drops! This tool, looks similar to what they use to check your ears at the doctors, and yes, that is touching my eyeball as well. After  several flinches we finally get that done. He informs me, I have sensitive eyes, and good reflexes, hence the flinching, even though I shouldn’t have felt anything, and apparently I have thick corneas which is why the original puff test showed high, it needed more pressure. Thankfully, I got the all clear, that is one test I never wish to repeat, the after effects are like being numbed at the dentist, when you feel like your face is swollen, except this was my eyeballs, a most unpleasant sensation 🙂

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