Why are we so scared of these creatures?

Posted: October 18, 2014 in books


Now I know some of you, will be cringing at the sight of this picture (I admit, I am, and I’m the one writing it!) but why are we so scared of them? In comparison, we are giants. It’s understandable for those of you, who live in countries where their bite can kill you, but in my country that’s quite a rare occurrence. Is it because they have more legs than us? Or perhaps, the thought of them crawling all over us. What about the claim, that we swallow up to ten a night? I’ve no idea if that’s true, but the fact remains, if you see one of these coming, then all hell breaks loose. Well, in my house anyway 🙂 Everyone is terrified of spiders in my house, even the really small ones. We get quite large ones, like the image above, and removal is completely left down to me. If my kids see one of these in their room, they refuse to go in there until it’s gone. I’ve even been woken up during the night, to get rid of a spider. If they are small, I tend to leave them alone, but the big ones meet their fate with a book, or magazine. I’m no fan of spiders myself, but somehow the job has fallen to me. I can’t help thinking that, one day an army of them, will come for revenge for their fallen comrades 🙂 That brings a rather creepy film to mind, although I did muster the courage to watch the film ‘Arachnophobia’. I somehow doubt that my family would 🙂

It doesn’t make sense, why we fear something so small, but a fear is a fear. How about you? Do you fear these creatures, or are you brave enough to take one in your hand, and place it outside? I could never do that, I’m not even brave enough to use a cup, trapping them, and tipping it onto the palm of my hand. The thought of it makes me cringe!


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