Which stage scares you the most?

Posted: October 20, 2014 in books

th (17)

What stage of your baby’s development, do you fear the most? While they are small, and immobile, you would think that was an easy stage. However, some babies are prone to reflux, my own included. That is quite a scary stage, especially when they are vomiting in their sleep. Maybe when your child starts crawling, that could be a fearful stage for you. Little hands, touching things that are potentially dangerous. The change to lumpy foot is also quite worrying, for me anyway, choking is a huge fear of mine. Personally, I think the climbing stage is the worst. My 11 month old, climbs everything. She can’t walk, although she is able to walk along the sofa, holding onto the edge. She climbs up the walls, and sometimes lets go, and then drops to the floor. I’m constantly following her around, and then you have the awkward task of removing her from behind you, since she decided to climb up the backs of my legs! I really hate this stage, they are so unsteady on their feet. If I could, I would install padded flooring around the whole house! At least when they learn to walk, they are more steady, despite sometimes losing their balance, but it doesn’t seem so bad at that stage for some reason.

What is your worst stage in your child’s development?


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