Walking aid, or setting you up for a fall?

Posted: October 24, 2014 in books


A popular product, which has been around for many years, but does it help to assist your child in their first steps? From my experience, no. My 11 month old has just started moving around the furniture, she’s still unsteady on her feet so I thought I’d try this. What can I say, expect epic fail. If she manages to keep it upright, she flies across the floor, and ends up falling. But mostly, as soon as she stands behind it, it flips up. The problem is, that all the weight is on the front, and none on the back to stabilize it, so as soon as her weight pushes down on the handle, the front flips up. The wheels should be a little stiffer, to prevent it going faster than the child can. It’s not just my own child that has experienced this, I know of plenty others who also have the same problem. Having said that, the toy on the front is rather good, my daughter loves playing with it 🙂

Anyone else experience this issue?


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