What do you do to break a bad habit?

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My one year old, has the most annoying and dangerous habit. She will put anything in her mouth, it doesn’t matter what. She has been known, to lick the bottom of a muddy shoe and eat the dirt, she’s even ripped wallpaper from the wall and shoved it in her mouth, along with leaves, cellotape and even staples from wiring. I hoover constantly, any little thing, and it can even be microscopic, she will find it and put it in her mouth. I’ve caught her chewing a strand of hair on several occasions, and can’t even let her have baby books because she chews all the cardboard! I’m constantly having to watch her, and even what I wear. She will pull hair, from the hood of a coat and eat it, as well as fluff from a woolly scarf. I’ve had several children, and none behaved like this. I know it’s normal for babies to put things in their mouth, but to this extreme? Am I the only one with a baby like this? I am so open to suggestions at breaking this habit, I really don’t know what to do about it. She even chews on the corner of my rug in the lounge!

Any help much appreciated, or any fellow sufferers are also welcome to share experiences 🙂

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